Welcome to Ad Astra Alpacas


Ad Astra Alpacas, located in Baldwin City, Kansas, is an alpaca farm and clothing store specializing in raising friendly, fleeced animals. Fiber gathered from our alpacas is used to craft the unique garments and other products available for sale at our farm store.

We’re Bob and Claudia Hey, owners of Ad Astra Alpacas, our alpaca farm and clothing store located at 168 E. 1700 Road in Baldwin City. We breed our alpacas to ensure the development of the finest characteristics and fibers on our animals. At Ad Astra Alpacas, we hold memberships in several regional and national alpaca organizations, and have professional expertise in raising, breeding and shearing alpacas. In addition to our alpaca fiber merchandise, we also deal in alpaca sales and stud services.

“Ad Astra” is part of the Kansas state motto. It translates as “To the stars,” and at Ad Astra Alpacas, all our alpacas are stars. Whether you’re in Lawrence, Ottawa or Gardner, take the short drive to Baldwin City and come visit our farm and store at Ad Astra Alpacas and see our stars firsthand. Our amazing alpacas will delight young and old alike, as will our full selection of alpaca fiber clothing and other products.

For more information about the products and services available at Ad Astra Alpacas, including our quality clothing and yarn, animals, stud services, alpaca fiber and farm tours, give us a call at 785-594-6767.  WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS SATURDAYS FROM 9-12, SUNDAYS FROM 1-4, AND BY APPOINTMENT.