After Christmas Thoughts

Christmas has been celebrated, the New Year has been rung in, and now we settle down for a long stretch of winter.  This might seem to be a slack time, but it’s actually a busy planning time for alpaca owners. 

Now is when we feed and closely observe our alpacas, check on their fleece development, and perhaps get caught up on tasks like registering crias, sending in fiber samples to be tested, and filling out registration forms for upcoming spring shows.  We also evaluate our females, and make spring breeding decisions which we hope will result in even better crias in a year.

Farm stores, such as ours, check inventory to be sure we have enough warm socks, gloves and hats to get people through the cold winter weather yet to come.  Perhaps customers who received money for Christmas will come out to spend it on wonderful alpaca products.

Ad Astra Alpacas wishes to thank all our customers for a wonderful holiday season.  We sincerely hope everyone enjoys their alpaca gifts.  We also want everyone to know we are still open for business.  Hours are Saturday mornings from 9 till noon, and Sunday afternoons from 1 till 5, and of course, anytime by appointment.  There is still most of winter left, so be sure you are prepared with warm socks, hats, gloves, scarves and sweaters.

See you in the barn!