Spring Is Here…Really???

Today is Thursday, May 2nd, 2013.  Usually by now we have started the annual shearing of our alpacas.  Not so this year!  It has been unseasonably cool and damp, and our alpacas are not suffering from the heat one little bit.  If you would like to be notified as to when we will be shearing, let us know by either emailing or calling:  grampaca168@gmail.com   or 785-594-6767.

Our first (and maybe only) spring cria arrived on Saturday, April 27th.  Although alpaca births are nine times out of ten uneventful occasions, this one was a challenge for all involved from the mother to the baby to the vet and to us.  The cria was in the most difficult position, and the mother was unable to deliver.  Our wonderful vet was able, through much hard work, to turn the baby so the mother could have her baby, but we all were sure that with that much manipulation the cria would not have survived.  Miracles do happen, though, and our 19 pound female cria not only survived but is thriving!  She’s the darling of the entire herd and has lots of doting “aunties”!

The shop is now closed until fall, but a few things still need to be put away before we begin shearing and cleaning and sorting fiber.  I’m already looking at new things and products to have in the shop come fall.  Lots of beautiful new things, as well as the tried and true will be available, so I hope everyone will plan a visit to see what Ad Astra Alpacas Gift Shop will have to offer in October!

Although I wish the weather was warmer I can’t complain too much since we are receiving much-needed moisture and I can almost hear our pastures breathing a sigh of relief and slurping that water down!

Happy Spring, Everybody!