Summer Events 2013

Summer would seem to be a slower paced time of year for Ad Astra Alpacas, but we have been busy all summer!  The shop was taken down in May so we could use the barn for shearing.  We got the alpacas sheared and they are much cooler with their summer haircuts.  All that fiber is being sorted and graded, getting ready to be shipped to be made into products which will be sold in the shop come fall.

We visited the Baldwin Care Center and the alpacas charmed the residents.  I was proud of the 3 boys we took…they were well-behaved and made a hit with everyone.  Alpacas seem to be intuitive…they were especially gentle with the older folks and were careful and respectful of them. They held still so people could feel their soft fleece.  It was a good day!

In June we took 3 different boys to the city library for the summer reading program.  It rained that day, so our plans to have a pen set up out front had to be modified at the last minute.  We ended up setting up our pen in a corner of the activity room and the alpacas came inside, along with the 200 or more children and some adults.  Everything went well…the kids and pacas stayed dry and enjoyed each other.  Alpacas are very tidy creatures…there were no “accidents” although they were in the library for almost 2 hours!

We still have frequent farm visitors, and some even want to buy things in the middle of summer.  The crias are growing by leaps and bounds and the weather hasn’t been too hot, so that’s a blessing!  With the recent rains, we have hopes that our pastures will have some grass growing for fall if we are careful to not let the alpacas graze it too much.

On August 24 we are going to take 2-3 alpacas and go to a Peruvian cultural event in Kansas City.  One of our farm visitors, and now a friend, runs a coffee roasting plant and has wonderful coffees from all over the world.  This event is highlighting Peru, and what better way to showcase things from Peru than by having Peruvian alpacas there!  We are excited for the opportunity to take our alpacas to this event.  It looks to be good company, good food and good times for all attending.

We are working to spruce up the appearance of our farm.  We have new fencing along the front of our property and along both sides of the driveway, which looks fantastic!  We are painting, straightening and getting things ready for our busy fall season, which kicks off with the Kaw Valley Farm Tour on Oct. 5 and 6.  Boxes of new products are beginning to arrive, so I know fall is fast approaching.  I try to find new items to carry in the shop each year and we’ll have some nifty new things along with our tried and true products when the shop opens in October

Please plan a trip to Ad Astra Alpacas this fall.  The Kaw Valley Farm Tour will be from 10 till 6 both Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 5 and 6.  Since there are 27 farms of different types on the tour this year, there should be something to interest every family member.  Buy a ticket, fill your vehicle, and get out to enjoy the countryside and the various farms.  You’ll be glad you did!  See you soon at Ad Astra Alpacas!